Historical Background

AlNile Bank for Commerce & Development (previously Islamic Co-operative Development Bank – Sudan, ISCOB) celebrated its 30th birthday in 2013. We began life based in Khartoum/Sudan in 1982, during the co-operative society's movements which started in Sudan during mid 1970th when Sudanese Economists have realized the need for a bank to support the co-operative economical and trading activities. Accordingly, AlNile Bank was established in 1982 to bank for co-operative societies in Sudan with an objective to finance commodities traded by Co-operative Societies and supporting Micro Finance Projects sponsored by Co-operative Society Union which targeting to support the small scale industries and productive families in the production process, and hence adding value to their contribution in the Economy by being active in production and saving.


Due to accelerator of the developments in the agricultural, industrial, and services sectors during late 1980th and early 1990th, AlNile Bank mission and objectives moved ahead to be more focused on development process, as a result the bank score in banking industry increased very aggressively in terms of deposits, local network and number of customers. Since then, AlNile Bank operations and market share has increased very dramatically due to contribution in the development process of community and economy until its considered as the 3rd largest bank in Sudan with 41 branches located in the North, Middle, East and Western of Sudan.


Lately, after oil exploration since 1998 AlNile Bank rule in the economy is further more increased to finance the infrastructure projects in roads, bridges, water/electricity, education and health. By now AlNile Bank is classified as the most contributing bank in main infrastructure projects.


We have continued to expand the range of services to customers including e-banking services and contribute in development of community and economy. AlNile Bank categorized as a true pioneer, over the last 26 years we have been consistently ahead of the competition in the development.


Our diverse customer base, dictate development of products and services to cater for this diversity. Some recent developments include the introduction of e-banking which specially designed to put customers in better control of their accounts and funds at anytime and everywhere towards the achievement of their financial goals.


AlNile Bank Directors and Management have committed themselves to be the most progressive bank in Sudan during the coming years guided by our Board of Directors and bank's strategy. This will be achieved by promoting a high quality culture through providing high quality services to our customers with reasonable cost by designing special products as per their needs in compliance with the regulations stated by the Central Bank (Bank of Sudan), with higher best return to our Shareholders, and achieving best records and results to our national economy as target by Ministry of Finance & Central Bank.


The management philosophy is represented by continues improvements taking in consideration all aspects of banking environment in Sudan and not limited to structure, systems, and processes. It includes even institutionalizing customer orientation, value system and quality. The transparency and proper structure at all levels of management has created a clean atmosphere and healthy work environment for both our employees and customers.


AlNile Bank's key objectives is to emerge as strong Bank delivering services and banking products to all targeted customers through quality personalized services, competent staff, modern technology infrastructure, delivering superior financial results, and of course positioning AlNile Bank for long term and ever future success.


During our journey we are committed to improve all Key Performance Indicators and Financial Ratios, which can be easily achieved through:


  • Diversification of Source of Income or Revenue.
  • Increasing Staff Productivity.
  • Enrich our Staff Knowledge by continuous training and modern technology.
  • Delivering high quality services to our Customers with reasonable cost.
  • Empowerment of our staff and create streamlining of Decision making process.
  • Review Systems, Polices, Processes, and Organization Structure to the Best of the Bank towards achievements of Success and Goals.


AlNile Bank's ongoing and future goals are not limited to shareholders interest but it includes on the top, the value added by AlNile Bank to the growth and progress of Sudan national economy, our smart grown staff leaders , our customers and depositors , and the community at large.


Development of human resources is one of our main targets, as we believe  the total dedication and full commitment of our staff is one of the ways to achieving our bank goals in true sense and add value to our national economy and community at large. Hence we are committed to inrich our staff with Knowledge and most recent technology so as to achieve high level of operational efficiency and excellent performance exceeding our customers expectations.



In 2013, AlNile Bank for Commerce & Development introduced its new commercial identity as a new promise for its clients. This has materialized after four years of intensive research to identify ways that enable us to meet your needs in the best possible manner.

We learned that you are looking forward to having smooth, convenient and transparent banking services. You have also sought a bank that will always stand by your side, ready to work for your success considering it a part of its own success.


Also, you have been looking for a bank that will provide you with unique banking solutions, a bank committed to principles of the Islamic Sharia. In turn, we have made your aspirations the foundation of the banking services we are offering to you; banking services fits you; banking services and more.


We have worked hard to apply these principles. They are simple in their nature, big in their meaning in our entire work. We have made a range of offers and improvements, and simplified many procedures starting from opening new accounts in an entirely new manner up to financing solutions. As part of our efforts to operate within your reach, we have expanded our network to 41 branches and 50 Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs).


We have also launched our new electronic services with its modern interface and uses as the best way to conduct your banking transactions electronically with the utmost ease and convenience. We have also launched entirely new services, products and initiatives; however, our top priority remains unchanged. i.e. the satisfaction of our customers.


With our new brand identity, we offer our new advertising message:


"Your bank and more."


We are striving to provide banking services that reflect:


  • Compliance with the provisions and principles of the Islamic Sharia
  • Simplicity and smoothness of services
  • Work for mutual benefit
  • Transparency and helping you to take the right financial decisions
  • Hospitality and leniency.



Our New Logo


The true meaning of our commercial identity.


Our new commercial identity is more than just a modern look. In addition to the many initiatives we have launched, we offer you a wide range of fabulous new products and services.


The new identity of the bank (AlNile Bank) or (?UU ?UUU?U) in English and Arabic respectively, represents an important addition to the history of the bank. In the logo of AlNile Bank we used three different degrees of colors in addition to the use of a line with circular edges to give it a modern look and make it attractive to the customer.


Using the bold line makes the name clear and visible. The circle represents the ongoing work of the bank towards the best vision. The letter (N) represents the first letter in the word (Nile), the name of the bank in English. It also represents the flow of the Nile with its branches inflowing in the circle of eternity; we gave it the color of the Nile. The crescent reflects the Islamic background of the bank and confirms the bank's commitment to the Islamic Sharia. In addition, the moon with its glamour and breathtaking beauty, has been the source of inspiration for humanity through the ages.


The best way for your banking transactions


In line with our values, we have re-designed our website www.alnilebank.com to make it simpler so that you can easily find what you are looking for and to help you take the right funding decisions. To get even closer to our customers and community, we have also launched our pages on various social media networks. We have developed our services to give you the finest and best service, through the application of new technologies which includes the world's first class banking practices.


For further information, please contact our Customer Service Center on telephone number 3838.