AlNile Online

AlNile online Banking is an alternative way to conduct any banking transaction at any time and from anywhere in Sudan or worldwide.

The Online service from AlNile bank is flexible and easy to use with any browser such as Explorer, Firefox and Safari.


The service also provides:

- Account balance when conducting bill payments or transfers in addition to exchange rates.
- Bank statements in PDF.
- News and offers from the bank.





AlNile Online service also enables you to perform the following:


For Accounts :


- View the last 5 transactions
- Bank statements in PDF
- Exchange rates inquiry.
- Reporting of loss or theft of ATM cards
- Chequebook request


For General services :


- Changing your AlNile Bank secret code
- Choosing abbreviated names for your accounts
- Choosing your language and font size
- Displaying your address information


Before beginning to use the Online Banking service from AlNile Bank, please make sure you:


- Never share your PIN or secret codes with anyone, whether they're your friend, relative or even the bank employees
- Try to memorise your PIN and secret codes and don't write them down
- Don’t allow anyone but yourself to conduct your transactions
- If you feel that your PIN or secret code has been discovered by someone else, change it immediately through AlNile Online Banking service
- Watch out for suspicious websites and email addresses and always make sure you are on www.alnilebank.com
- Avoid accessing your account through "AlNile Online" service when using public computers
- Don't reply to any suspicious emails asking for your ID number, ATM Card number or any of your PIN or secret numbers. We assure you that AlNile Bank would never send emails asking for such information
- Make sure you have an updated and reliable antivirus program
- Report any security incident by calling 3838
- For security reasons, always log out or sign out before leaving the AlNile Online website and don't  just close the window or page