Yalla Shabab


Youth are our greatest resource. They are those who put a pulse on life. At AlNile Bank, we understand their needs and evolve as they do. For them, we have designed the Yalla Shabab package that caters to their needs and enhances their banking experience


Yalla Shabab Savings Account is especially designed to meet the needs of youth over 18 and gives you the freedom to manage your account and funds at any time. The account is a Mudharaba-based saving account that is fully compliant with the provisions of Islamic Sharia and can be accessed at any time through either AlNile Mobile service or AlNile Online

Features and benefits:

- A Sharia compliant investment
- A flexible account with steady returns
- The Profit is calculated on an annual basis
- Receiving round-the-clock SMS alerts on your mobile phone with every account movement
- Utility bills payment (electricity, phone… etc.)
- Enjoying the extra benefits provided by the Loyalty Program for the bank's Yalla Shabab customers
- A free customer service centre number which comes with many unique features
- The ability to subscribe in our Islamic "Takaful" insurance products


Documents required:

- A copy of valid ID
- Terms and conditions apply