Najm AlNile for Kids


Today's children are tomorrow's hope, which is why we believe it is necessary to teach them how to manage their financial transactions at this stage of their lives, thus creating a giving generation whose potential and abilities we can trust.


NAJM ALNILE FOR KIDS Saving Account is the first of its kind in Sudan, especially designed for children. It teaches them how to manage their accounts in a simple, safe and attractive way, in addition to the importance of saving at an early age. The account can be accessed at any time through either AlNile Mobile service or AlNile Online.


NAJM ALNILE FOR KIDS is a Mudharaba-based saving account that is fully compliant with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.


Features and benefits :

- A Sharia compliant investment
- A flexible account with steady returns
- The Profit is calculated on a monthly basis
- Enjoying the extra benefits provided by Alwalaa' programme for the bank's NAJM ALNILE FOR KIDS clients
- Benefiting from the periodic special offers
- Nomination for NAJM ALNILE monthly prize for children
- Customer service centre number which comes with many unique features
- Easy and safe access to accounts through the NAJM ALNILE Mobile Service
- Benefiting from the special services provided by NAJM ALNILE Online Banking
- The ability to obtain an insurance policy for your children's education as per the concept of "Takaful"
- A special gift for your child; a penny bank shaped like an ATM


Documents required:

- A copy of the birth certificate
- A copy of the consenting parent's or legal guardian's valid ID
- Terms and conditions apply