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Call Center

Nile Bank provides a division that includes a specialized team to manage customer relations (CRM). This division is affiliated with the Nile Bank Customer Service Call Center, where the employees of the Customer Service Center are organized in two shifts – evening and morning – they receive customer messages on the phone assigned to them with the number 3838.

Features & Benefits

The call center answer mail and messages that they receive from all customers and communicate via the Nile Bank’s Facebook page as well as other social media channels.  The team also spare no effort in developing relationships with our esteemed customers, and they exert their best efforts to solve problems and resolve complaints as well as provide solutions and proposals that will develop the Nile Bank’s relationship with customers to gain customer satisfaction.


The call center receives customer calls, responds to inquiries, solves problems related to ATM cards, PIN numbers, disputes, and forward customer complaints to the relevant departments, and also fill in customer service questionnaires. The team also manages the telephone system for the call center of the Nile Bank headquarters to receive incoming calls from our customers outside and inside Sudan.