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As we realize the importance of microfinance and its importance to a wide range of customers we greatly improved the efficiency and simplicity of our procedures. We now offer microfinance packages to clients of all types according to the procedure outlined below.

Features and Benefits

– Free bank statements through E-banking which offers other electronic services as well
– Easy and safe access to your account through the AlNile Mobile service.
– A semi-annual statement.
– A chequebook.
– Payment of Standing Instructions/Transfers.
– Competitive service charges.

Documents Required

  • Signed microfinance application form.
  • A simple feasibility study of the project
  • Provide a copy of the project’s credentials (lease contract, commercial license, registration documents)
  • Provide a copy of the beneficiary’s identification document (National Number, National ID, a valid passport)
  • Provide a guarantee cheque and the guarantor’s identification document (National Number, National ID or a valid passport)
  • Any other documents requested by the bank’s branch
  • All the required documents should be collected in a file and submitted to the closest branch to the beneficiary.