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Salary Transfer


Al Nile Bank provides a comprehensive system to develop payroll systems for the employees of governmental institutions, companies and educational institutions. And it does so by issuing a special card for the employees to access their salaries to be wire-transferred.


The AlNile Bank is pleased to present to you the AHLAN Account, the first of its kind in Sudan, which is a Sharia-compliant account designed to meet the needs and requirements of salaried employees and to enable employers to transfer salaries with ease.

Features and Benefits

– An ATM Card/ Debit Card.
– The ability to withdraw cash at any time using the ATM Card.
– Ability to access AlNile Online, Mobile Banking and AlNile Contact Center.
– Receiving round-the-clock SMS alerts on your mobile phone with every account movement.
– Easy and safe access to your account through AlNile Mobile Service.
– Utility bills payment (electricity, phone… etc.).
– Enjoy AlNile Bank Loyalty program.
– The ability to subscribe to the Islamic “Takaful” products

Documents Required

– Salary certificate.
– Valid national IDs.
– Terms and conditions apply.