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Al Nile Bank services always endeavour to help our clients achieve their goals and milestones in life. When it comes to Marriage, we provide “Farhati” package to help finance everything related to your big day and beyond. Farhati covers not only the wedding celebration arrangements such as the wedding hall, decoration, and beauty salons, but extends beyond the wedding day to finance furnishing your new living space and also provides a means to finance your home appliances.

Features and Benefits

– Free bank statements through E-banking which offers other electronic services as well
– Easy and safe access to your account through the AlNile Mobile service.
– A semi-annual statement.
– A chequebook.
– Payment of Standing Instructions/Transfers.
– Competitive service charges.

Documents Required

– Trade license or business name and C.C. registration.
– Memorandum and articles of association/Business registration certificate/ Board resolution letter to open the account.
– Valid ID in addition to a general power of attorney.
– Terms and conditions apply.