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Al Nile business card

Al Nile business card

Al Nile Bank for Commerce and Development

Al  Nile Business Card product comes within the framework of efforts to develop services provided to current and potential customers from all segments of society. The product aims to provide advantages and electronic banking services that meet the needs of companies and business names and keep pace with current and future developments in the field of electronic payment, in addition to what it offers of advantages and secure transactions that save time and effort. It provides an added value commensurate with the desires and aspirations of this important segment.

The bank will issue an ATM card that will be linked to the main account for companies and institutions wishing to do so, in accordance with the policies and publications of the Central Bank of Sudan and the Banking Services Company with regard to activating the payment project via electronic cards.

  1. Bring an official letter from the company’s management containing an application for issuing an ATM card and authorizing the names of recipients as well .
  2. (Name of the signatories authorized to open the account – Account Number – branch name – phone number of the person authorized to receive – setting a limit for the card according to the volume of its financial transactions – determining the type of services you want – determining the number of cards issued if the Authorized is more than one person – then signing the agreement contract is attached to the company’s letter and handing them over to the concerned branch for the necessary procedure.
  3. Notify the bank in writing” in case of death of the employer-owner of the bank card. 
  4. Bank notification in case of loss and theft to stop the bank card 
  5. Address the bank in writing” in case the company wishes to change the pin of the card.
  6.  Address the bank in writing” in case of card renewal.
  1. Transfer from one bank card to another bank card . (Transfer P2P). 
  2. Payments ( purchase of electricity , official form 15, bills ). (Electricity ,telecom E15)
  3. Purchases
  4. Short message service for discount operations
  1. The presence of the company’s logo on the ATM card with the bank’s logo increases its loyalty to the bank.
  2. The project will positively affect the attraction of institutions that are windows to provide services to card users.
  3. The integration of the services provided through the card increases the attraction of a large number of customers.
  1. Central Bank of Sudan CBOS.
  2. EBS Banking Services Company.
  3. Bank (Al Nile ) BANK.
  4. The company wishing to own a CORPORATE ATM card.

Al Nile Card For Business

Nile Bank offers its clients from the corporate sector, institutions and projects a set of distinguished products and services in the field of electronic payment, as it engages them in electronic payment operations more effectively, by providing a corporate card designed on the basis of providing distinguished service to this category of customers
Services available to corporate bank card holders:
Transfer from a bank card to another bank card. Transfer P2P
Payments (purchase of electricity, Ornik 15, bills). (Electricity, Telecom E15)
Purchases . (purchase)