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للاستفسار الرجاء اتصل بنا

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Sahel application is an application owned by the Nile Bank for Trade and Development and licensed to operate by the Central Bank of Sudan. It was designed to serve Nile Bank customers

Internet banking service from Nile Bank is an easy, safe and convenient service that can be enjoyed wherever you are in the office, home or anywhere.

Nile Bank owns more than 60 ATMs distributed in all the different 18 states of Sudan, as it seeks to give customers access to banking services

The bank’s point-of-sale devices provide multiple opportunities for its corporate clients to automatically collect the value of sales operations, regardless of the size of their business.

The text message service from Nile Bank is a quick way that makes the customer connected to the account at any time, as it provides instant alert messages for each transaction that takes place on the account.

Al Nile Bank - your bank and more

We are proud of the fact that we were and still are an integral part of any stage that witnessed or is witnessing economic development in Sudan, and by reviewing those achievements that we have achieved, we can continue to focus our efforts today on playing a leading role in making the future of our country. We firmly believe in the support we provide to the people of Sudan and in investing the talents of distinguished human elements in order to make progress to face the future with confidence and determination.


12 April

foreign currency rates

against the Sudanese pound

The exchange rate of foreign currencies against the Sudanese pound today from the Nile Bank

American US Dollar USD

Buy 584.9000 SDG - Sell 589.2868 SDG

Euro EUR

Buy 598.2375 SDG - Sell 602.7243 SDG

Saudi Riyal SAR

Buy 154.2188 SDG - Sell 155.3755 SDG


Buy 158.6799 SDG - Sell 159.8700 SDG

mobile banking Sahil

Sahel application is an application owned by the Nile Bank for Trade and Development and licensed to work by the Central Bank of Sudan. It is designed to serve Nile Bank customers and holders of e-wallet cards as well as mobile wallet owners. The application follows authorized electronic payment systems and conforms to international standards for conducting financial transactions via mobile devices. .

For Android


Al Nile Card For Business

Nile Bank offers its clients from the corporate sector, institutions and projects a set of distinguished products and services in the field of electronic payment, as it engages them in electronic payment operations more effectively, by providing a corporate card designed on the basis of providing distinguished service to this category of customers
Services available to corporate bank card holders:
Transfer from a bank card to another bank card. Transfer P2P
Payments (purchase of electricity, Ornik 15, bills). (Electricity, Telecom E15)
Purchases . (purchase)

Al Nile Bank

The year 2022 AD

Annual report for the year 2022 AD

The financial reports shown here reflect the financial position of Nile Bank on the last day of each year and show the financial and administrative performance of the bank during the year. In addition to the financial position, it includes the income statement, the cash flow statement, and the change in equity statement. In addition to the clarifications and reports of the Sharia Supervisory Board and the reports of the Legal Department.
These reports were prepared by legal auditors independent of the bank and in accordance with international financial and accounting standards, which reflects transparency, credibility and complete accuracy .... All these reports were approved by the General Assembly of shareholders of Nile Bank, in the presence of all financial control authorities in Sudan, including Bank The Central Sudan and the Khartoum Stock Exchange, the General Commercial Registrar, the Capital Markets Regulatory Authority, and the Deposit Guarantee Fund

al Nile Bank - your bank and more

banking services

Nile Bank offers a package of banking products and services that are designed to meet the aspirations and exceed the expectations of our valued customers, in accordance with Islamic Sharia and its banking financing formulas approved by the Sharia Supervisory Board, and to serve each category according to the retail concept of the bank's customers who deserve banking services that are appropriate to their expectations and interests and are appropriate for their ages and credit capabilities. .

Iron safes service

Given the privacy of our customers at Nile Bank, we designed safe deposit boxes so that our customers have the option to keep their valuables safely at any time while ensuring safety, trust and quality of service. The service is available to all our customers at competitive prices and to those who are not existing customers as well. To enjoy this service, visit our branches in Riyadh, Shambat, Bahri, and our main branch in Khartoum.

Nile business card

The Nile Business Card product comes within the framework of efforts to develop services provided to current and potential customers from all segments of society. The product aims to provide advantages and electronic banking services that meet the needs of companies and business names and keep pace with current and future developments in the field of electronic payment.

internet banking

Nile Bank offers the Nile Online service, which is an easy-to-use service that the customer can benefit from at home, at work, or anywhere

Sahil Mobile Application

Sahel application is an application owned by the Nile Bank for Trade and Development and licensed to work by the Central Bank of Sudan. It was designed to serve Nile Bank customers and holders of electronic wallet cards as well as owners of a mobile wallet

Figures and facts

Exchange offices

The latest news and activities of al Nile Bank

Follow the latest news and activities of Al Nile Bank for Commerce & Development co through the website on a daily basis

فريق بنك النيل

فريق بنك النيل

سيتم الرد على رسالتك باقصى سرعة !!!

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله ، اهلا بكم في بنك النيل - مصرفك و اكثر

ِAl Nile Bank

Bank accounts

Brief details of the account, its features and requirements for opening it

saving account

With savings accounts from Nile Bank, you can enjoy all the distinguished electronic banking services, where profits are distributed on savings deposits every year.

current account

We provide you with a group of options that are the best, as they offer exemptions from treasury fees and bookkeeping fees for privileged accounts and for check book renewal requests

business account

Nile Bank is proud of the track record of the achievements it has achieved in partnership with its customers who have business accounts, which are accounts designated for companies to meet all their business needs.

investment deposit account account

With investment deposit accounts at Nile Bank, you are in a succession of good news. The efforts of employees in our various branches extending all over Sudan are yielding profits. The indicators confirmed that they are growing year after year.

salaries account

Nile Bank provides an “integrated” secure system for the development of payment systems for employees of government institutions, companies and educational institutions, through which a special card is issued to employees that enables them to pay their salaries via the bank card

Funding at alNile Bank

Microfinance calculator

Now you can follow all the details related to microfinance, its requirements and ceilings through the website

Service financing

A lease described in the trust


Product properties

financing period
Academic year

Financing cost/profit margin
for the year 19%

The periodicity of repayment / repayment of installments

Funding guarantee
Insurance document / salary

agricultural financing

Murabaha / Salam


Product properties
Field cultivation / rain-fed / irrigated agriculture

financing period
Agricultural year/season

Financing cost/profit margin
For the year 19.5% in the case of Murabaha

The periodicity of repayment / repayment of installments
Every three months / every six months / the end of the term in the case of peace

Funding guarantee
Insurance policy + eye insurance

local trade financing



Product properties

financing period

Financing cost/profit margin
for the year 19.5%

The periodicity of repayment / repayment of installments

Funding guarantee
Insurance policy


The technical team, which consists of supervisors, technicians, and managers, has extensive experience and the highest levels of spirit of cooperation, seriousness in work, and execution of works with accuracy and proficiency. 

Proof of identity, a passport or a national card, and depositing an amount of one thousand dollars or its equivalent in other currencies

Yes, the requirements are a valid passport. visa. In the case of treatment, a medical commission is attached
An amount of 3 thousand is given for one passport

The frozen account is an account in which the movement has not occurred for a period of 6 months. The locked account is an account that has been closed according to the customer’s request or mismanagement by the customer.

The customer attends the bank and submits a request to open the account

Profits are recorded in the deposit account at the end of each fiscal year

It is not possible to obtain an ATM card when opening a deposit account