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Chief Executive Officer Message

Chief Executive Officer Message

The Nile Bank is one of the oldest banks in Sudan, in terms of its establishment on April 25, 1983 AD, as it had a role in serving the cooperative movement in Sudan, and the functions and activities of the bank developed throughout its history in accordance with global and local economic developments. In the eighties of the last century, the bank assumed the functions of central banks in relation to Funding, sponsorship, training and advisory services for cooperative societies.
We work together in the spirit of one team to improve the banking work environment to keep pace with international standards and we do not seek to compete with local banks as much as we seek to cooperate with each other to rise and rise to a level of performance that copes with all those dealing with the bank (shareholders – customers – employees – service providers and regulators) from the perspective of our endeavor to achieve Excellence in customer happiness.
We have restructured the bank’s organizational structure in line with practical development, and we seek to achieve the Central Bank’s policies, especially with regard to the concept of financial inclusion and expanding our customer base.
At the beginning of this year, we developed a comprehensive strategic plan through which we aimed to achieve the aspirations of our employees and customers, the main axes of which were interest in banking technology and providing products with a technical precedent, and we focused on increasing our geographical spread at the local level and we determined to impose geographical spread globally in the near future.
We are currently working on changing the banking system to a new banking system (FLEX Cube) by selecting and qualifying specialized cadres for this work to increase its efficiency, meet the aspirations of our customers, and achieve the concept of total quality.

Our contribution in the field of social responsibility came from the principle of our belief in its importance in social solidarity, through which we aimed to support the education and health sectors.
The Bank has a homogenous Board of Directors chaired by Mr. / Dr. Saber Mohamed Hassan, who joined the bank recently, who will enable the bank to achieve its objectives and enrich its biography through his wise leadership and fragrant biography that witnessed his long years of service in the banking system until he was governor of the Central Bank and the economic and financial reforms witnessed by the banking system during his tenure.
We adhere to our values and principles, cherish our identity, and support change that leads to difference that makes distinction.

Salah Mohamed Abdel Rahim – Chief Executive Officer