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Mobile banking Sahil

Mobile banking (Sahil)

aL Nile Bank for Commerce and Development

The application is an application owned by the Nile bank for trade and development and licensed by the Central Bank of Sudan designed to serve Nile bank customers and holders of e-wallet cards as well as mobile wallet owners the application follows the authorized electronic payment systems and complies with international standards for conducting financial transactions via mobile devices .

Mobile banking Sahil

Sahil application customers are divided into three categories based on the type of account, electronic money and them :

  1. Nile bank customers .
    Who have bank account numbers, and use the account number to conduct electronic transactions.
  2. Holders of bank cards or e-wallet cards :
    They are customers who have bank accounts belonging to Nile bank or any other bank in addition to owners of electronic wallets such as cash Aman and use the card number and internet PIN code (IPIN) to conduct electronic transactions or through an ATM.
  3. Mobile wallet customers.
    They are those who have electronic accounts registered with a mobile phone number, and use the USSD technology or a short code to conduct electronic transactions, such as users of the mobile money service .

For Android


List of banking services

and electronic transactions that are carried out through the application:

1.1.         transfer
1.1.1.      Transfer from my card to my other card..
1.1.2.      Transfer from my card to my other card.
1.2.         payment:
electronic payment process allows the benefit from the following services:
1.2.1.      Phone billو Phone credit
1.2.3.      Electricity
1.2.4.      official form 15
1.2.5.      Higher education
1.2.6.      Customs

1.2.7.      Scanning the QR code
1.3.         Transferring  from account :
1.1.         Transferring  to / from my account
1.2.         Transferring  to another account
1.4 government payment
Through this service, you can pay to dedicated parties directly by selecting the institution, then the type of service, entering your ID code, and then inquiring after completing the payment process . 

5.1 other services :
1) Account statement.
2) requesting a checkbook.
3) requesting a new card.
4) blocking the card.
5) requesting a new PIN number for the card.
6) card replenishment.
7) ATM dispute.
8) knowing the status of the check.
9) scanning the card
10) Creating a QR code for the card
11) internet secret code IPIN changed
12) transferring from / to card/wallet
13) linking the wallet to the card
14)changing the secret wallet code MPIN

Necessary guidelines to avoid bank fraud for Sahil App Users :

  • Please carefully verify the beneficiary’s details (Name, Account Number, branch, ATM card number ” in case of card transfer “) before further processing and transfer via Sahil application .
  • After entering the amount, please double-check the value of the amount entered before making the transfer .
  • download or update  Sahil application from trusted sites only ( Google Play –Appstore–Huawei store ) .
  • Then link the phone number to the application to receive all financial notifications in the form of text messages so that you can follow up your transactions first .
  • Once the transaction is successful , you will receive a notification containing : “transaction identification code , account sent from it , account sent to the addressee (full name), amount” .

 All transactions made on your bank account can always be verified through the account statement option via the Sahil application and confirm the available balance .