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Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Nile Bank for Trade and Development

Our activities in the area of responsibility towards our community vary to include arts, culture, activities related to health and the environment, sports, youth activities, education and social welfare.

Social responsibility Nile Bank

  • Arts and culture:
    By sponsoring the implementation of many different activities and events, we are keen to encourage meetings between various community groups to celebrate the rich heritage and traditions of the Sudanese . We” firmly” believe that culture and art contribute to the removal of language barriers and the laying of bridges of communication between societies.

  • Health and environment:
    By sponsoring conferences and events aimed at addressing and discussing health concerns at the local and international levels in cooperation with medical institutions and health authorities, we believe that our contribution to the proper implementation of medical scientific conferences of various specialized medical associations reflects the important role we play.
    As for the environment, its protection and promoting sustainability, our efforts within the framework of the Social Responsibility Program focus on supporting relevant environmental issues to help raise awareness of the importance of environmental issues and contribute to turning the world on a more sustainable development path, including encouraging the design of projects that we finance to take into account sustainability policy, environmental conservation and waste reduction.

  • Humanitarian efforts and Disaster Prevention:
    By implementing and sponsoring local activities aimed at supporting orphans and individuals with limited access to public services or by providing assistance to victims of natural disasters such as floods and epidemics , as well as caring for the displaced and victims of wars and conflicts , Nile bank is committed to helping build a better Sudanese society and working to strengthen the capacities of communities in various states of Sudan to face challenges.
    Nile bank has been sponsoring various sports events and teams , and our efforts are focused on attracting interest and spreading awareness about sports activities , in addition to encouraging participation in traditional sports such as camel racing, sponsoring and encouraging folk and Heritage Sports that are organized inside Sudan, such as the horse and Camel Racing Festival in Niyala, South Darfur, freestyle wrestling competition programs in Kordofan, sponsoring the local football league and encouraging the winners of student sports.

  • Youth and education:
    We give the youth and education sector an “increased” attention, where we focus on preparing strong leaders and supporting young people , we support a number of projects and initiatives to achieve this goal , as well as participating in professional exhibitions and youth training programs and supporting major projects to help less fortunate groups” to continue education despite the obstacles they face.