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Organizational structure

Organizational structure

Al Nile Bank for commerce and Development

The organizational structure of the bank includes the board of directors of the bank elected by the general assembly of shareholders, in addition to the senior executive management, the competent departments and branches.

Senior executive management

Mr. Salah Mohamed Abdel Rahim Ali

chief executive officer

Mr. Osama Al-Tayeb Al-Faki

Executive Vice President

Mr. Hisham Al-Tohamy Abdullah Suleiman

Executive Vice President of the Business and Support Group

Mr. Awad Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed Al-Hassan

Assistant Chief Executive Officer for Finance.

Mr. Mohamed Al-Hadi Ajabna

Assistant CEO for financial and administrative affairs.

The organizational structure of the Bank includes the Board of Directors of the Bank elected by the General Assembly of the shareholders, in addition to the senior executive management, the competent departments and branches.

Department managers

Risk Management Manager

Mr. / Muhammad Al-Bashir Abdul Majeed Ali

Director of the Planning Department

Mr. / Amjad Othman Ahmed

Director of Finance and Investment Department

Mr. Dr. Emad El-Din Mohamed Mahmoud

Director of Sharia Supervision Department

Mr. Ahmed Dafa Allah Hasab Al Rasol Al-Bashir

Director of the Information Security Department

Mr. / Muhammad Siddiq Mahjoub

Director of the Banking Technology Department

Mr. / Nader Abu Al-Qasim Muhammad Al-Sheikh

Director of Banking Operations Department

Mr. Ahmed Sarhan Ahmed Sarhan

Acting Director of Marketing Department

Mr. Ehab Yahya Taha Al-Amin

Director of the Central Treasury Department

Mrs. / Wafaa Ahmed Abdel Rahman

Director of the Financial Affairs Department.

Mr. Siral Khatim Ahmed Hassan Sanada

Director of the legal department.

Mr. Abdullah Bashir Al-Khair Sheikh

Branches Department Manager

Mr. Hashem Abdullah Othman

Director of Administration and Services Department

Mr. Alwaleed Sati Babiker Sati

Director of the Internal Audit Department.

Mr. Hisham El Din Abdel Salam

Director of Project Management

Muhammad Al-Fateh, the secret of the seal, Moatasem

Compliance Department Manager

Mrs. Etisam Al-Tayeb Hasab Al-Qawi

Director of Human Resources Department.

Mr. Magdy Adam

Director of the Financial Institutions Department

Mr. Mustafa Omar Mustafa