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Points of sale

Points of sale

Al Nile Bank for Commerce and Development

The bank's POS devices provide multiple opportunities for its individual and corporate customers to automatically collect the value of sales transactions, regardless of the size of their business.

POS features

  • Reducing the costs associated with cash transactions, through the provision of electronic payment through points of sale to save the time and effort necessary to verify the quality of cash, counting cash, and the provision of banknotes with small values.
  • Enhancing the volume of sales and customer satisfaction, through the availability of points of sale options for customers to pay the value of their purchases electronically.
  • Reduction of risks and possible errors associated with inventory operations and accounting of daily revenues and operations.
  • Reducing the burden associated with cash collection operations during the day, the risks of transfer and deposit operations at the bank branch, and saving the time and effort required by these operations.
  • Taking  advantage of the unlimited cap on the purchase value of the card.
  • Speed and ease of use, as the device has a small size and is simple to operate.
  • High level of operational efficiency and technical support for POS devices around the clock to ensure the quality of Service.
  • Standards of speed and flexibility in financial settlement and deposit processes in an automated form.

* Exemption from installation fees and monthly fees:

-The merchant is exempted from maintenance fees
 -The dealer is exempted from installation fees

  • Exemption from installation fees and monthly fees: *

-The merchant is exempted from maintenance fees.
-The dealer is exempted from installation fees.
– Settlement of transactions the next day.

*In case of ordering a point of sale device delivered by the operating company and the device is delivered to the merchant within 5 working days.
Documents required to obtain POS service:

* Filling sale point order.
* Attach a clear and valid photo of the merchant ID.
* Attach a clear and valid copy of the commercial registration or business license.
*Presence of a company or institution account with the bank.
*The application must be signed by the account holder and the authorized person on the account.

Request completed POS data (available at all Nile bank branches)