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Bank fraud

Bank fraud

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Necessary guidelines to avoid bank fraud for Sahil App Users

  • Please carefully verify the beneficiary’s details (Name, Account Number, branch, ATM card number ” in case of card transfer “) before further processing and transfer via Sahil application .
  • After entering the amount, please double-check the value of the amount entered before making the transfer .
  • download or update  Sahil application from trusted sites only ( Google Play –Appstore–Huawei store ) .
  • Then link the phone number to the application to receive all financial notifications in the form of text messages so that you can follow up your transactions first .
  • Once the transaction is successful , you will receive a notification containing : “transaction identification code , account sent from it , account sent to the addressee (full name), amount” .
  • All transactions made on your bank account can always be verified through the account statement option via the Sahil application and confirm the available balance .