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corporate finance

corporate finance

Nile Bank for Trade and Development

Our focus at Nile bank is to participate and invest extensively in strategic transactions with companies and business institutions of various types, in addition to participating on a smaller but wider scale in syndicated loans to unrelated companies .

Sharing Investment

Our role involves participation as an authorized Principal Coordinator, book agent, agent, financier in various Islamic finance formats and other roles in large Islamic financial transactions in various sectors, with various large and medium  companies including:

  • Financing of Agriculture and inputs of the agricultural process .
  • Oil, gas, petrochemicals, metallurgy, pipelines
  • Communication and Information Technology .
  • Electricity, water and Public Utilities
  • Industries, infrastructure, cement and real estate .
  • Airlines, land and sea freight .
  • Local and regional financial institutions .
  • Public services .
  • Economic and social development projects in the capital and states .

In addition, Nile bank has provided a wide range of innovative compound financing solutions that meet the complex financial requirements of customers, which include, but are not limited to, export credit agency financing, securitization of loans, asset-backed financing, and others.

We also provide traditional and Islamic banking facilities in the markets where the bank is present at any level of banking representation, in addition to a number of major foreign markets through correspondents, which have been carefully selected .The bank is increasingly focusing on this type of business due to the unprecedented experience we have gained in this field.

We have developed an active participation in project lending and complex financing transactions at all levels, covering various sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing of agricultural and Livestock Products, Energy, oil, gas, petrochemicals, infrastructure, communications and public service facilities throughout Sudan .