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Business account

Business account

Al Nile Bank for commerce and Development

Nile bank is proud of its track record of achievements in partnership with its business account holders, which are dedicated accounts for companies to meet all their business needs .

Companies that have a valid commercial registration, a license from the competent government authorities ,and a letter of authorization from the board of directors, this is for companies while business names are not required …

  • Dedicated banking business areas

  • Dedicated cash management service for companies, cash collection and receipt by a dedicated team to meet the needs of companies .

  • A dedicated commercial service for companies (the bank carries out the financing procedures for the company and its employees within the company’s complexes, meaning that valued customers do not bother to access the bank’s branches)

  • The application is submitted on the official letterhead of the company, stamped and signed by the general director, provided that the application includes the documents listed below :

    •  A copy of the articles of association
    •  Decision of the board of directors .
    • Original commercial registration.
    •  Registration of the company from the home country if the company is non-Sudanese or Sudanese established abroad .
    • A copy of the valid trade license.
    • A copy of the personal ID/passport of the signatories (photo and signature shown)
    • Signature cards (signature forms) are taken and notarized by bank employees .
    • A copy of the signature of the Authorized Signatories .
    •  Trade license
    • Tax card
    • A letter of approval from the Ministry of Finance and economy or the Ministry of industry and trade for government companies or companies in which the government participates for simple legal purposes
    • Account opening application form
    • Terms and conditions of account services
    •  Know your client (KYC)form
    • Fatka forms
    • Signature cards
  • The commercial registration in Arabic and the above mentioned documents ،،،

Under construction :

  •  A letter of authorization/ decision of the board of directors specifying the schedule of powers in the account management process signed by Authorized Signatories in the commercial register, supported by an official authorization, either in the articles of association or an internal decision accepted by the bank.         
  • The Authorized Signatories mentioned in this card are not considered authorized signatories to manage the account, unless their names are mentioned in the commercial register (and they had authority according to the articles of Association of the company, in case of joint ownership)